Einar was born and raised in Oslo. He has more than 50 years of experience with hiking in the forest and in the mountains - from his early age he has been spending time outdoors, almost every day, all year round. No one knows Oslo forests better than him!

How did you come up with the idea of starting the company Oslo Hiking?

I have spent many thousands of hours in this wonderful forest that surrounds Oslo, ever since I was 10 days old. I have hiked, cycled, cross-country skied, canoed, and slept in tents in this forest through all seasons. One day I thought that all the tourists who visit Oslo just HAVE to experience this, and suddenly Oslo Hiking was established as a business.

Which hike is your favorite?

All the hikes that Oslo Hiking offers are designed by me personally through careful thought that all the trips should be a great experience. Some of the tours are pleasant walking tours for an afternoon, while others are full-day hikes of 5-6 hours. I often take the hike View of the Oslo fjord if I need to cleanse my body and mind, but the hike I personally like the most is the 3-day tour to the heart of Nordmarka. On that trip you experience so many beautiful and magical places.

How to understand which tour to choose?

All our tours are marked with a degree of difficulty from Very Easy to Very Experienced. In addition, the trip's distance is stated in kilometers, and the time we estimate it will take. 1 kilometer is the same as 0.62 miles. If you have a lot of hiking experience, are strong and healthy and full of energy, you can choose the most ambitious hikes. If, on the other hand, you want to stroll calmly through beautiful nature and enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest, then you choose simpler and shorter trips. Every single day we offer many different tours, so there is guaranteed to be a hike that meets all needs.

What makes Oslo Hiking different?

At Oslo Hiking, we strive every single day to live up to the motto "Oslo's best hiking buddy". And the same of course applies to Bergen and Kristiansand. Our core values are Pleasant, Active, Inclusive and Knowledgeable, and these values should be recognized in everything we do. The response from our guests gives us a signal that they are fortunately very satisfied with us, and we are continuously working to become even better.

One of the first tours, 2019

Did you get any unusual requests for tours? What was it?

We have had some interesting requests for alternative tours. A honeymoon couple wanted us to take them ice fishing. A blind man wanted us to take him on a walk in the forest and light a fire. A lush lady from the UK wanted us to take her to a small pond where she could swim naked. An American family wanted a full weekend with hiking, food, tents, bicycles and action through large parts of the forest. And several other funny stories. We arrange everything our guests want, it's really only the imagination that limits the possibilities that exist in Oslomarka.

Any tips and recommendations for people visiting Oslo?

I think that Oslo is the most wonderful city in all of Europe. We have the large forest with all its possibilities for swimming, berries, mushrooms and activities. And then there is the beautiful Oslo fjord, which stretches all the way into the city. A trip by boat between all the islands is a great experience. Midway between the blue and the green is the city, with all its green parks, large rivers, museums, and not least all the good restaurants that offer everything from the simplest rice bowls to Michelin stars at a high gastronomic level. And the night life... bar to bar in Bogstadveien, Grünerløkka, Bjørvika, oh! This city has everything you could want!