Did you know?

In Norway we love to gå på tur - to go for a hike! When we meet someone on the hiking trail we greet each other: "Hei! God tur!" which means "Hey, have a nice walk!"

Meeting point

All our hiking tours in Oslo start next to the Tiger statue in front of the Oslo Visitor Centre. It is located at Jernbanetorget, right in the central Oslo.
Most buses, subways, trams and trains stop at Jernbanetorget.
Explore the best views of the Oslo fjord with us!

Hike difficulty

Very Easy. General good health necessary. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
difficulty easy icon
Easy. Reasonable standard of fitness required. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
Moderate. Some hiking experience required. Backpack with food and water, hiking shoes or similar required.
Experienced. General hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.
difficulty very hard icon
Very experienced. Above average hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.

On the tour

Our guide will meet you near the Tiger and tell about today's plans for the hike. Please follow the guide and listen to him/her carefully.
Follow the guide's instructions. If you feel sick let the guide know immediately.
Feel fresh air, relax and enjoy the nature. And take a lot of pictures! But please remember that we take care about nature and our task is trying to preserve it as it is - for future generations.
See you on the tour!

Refund and payment

The price includes an experienced tour guide. You also need to buy metro tickets. Don't worry - our guides can help you.Children under 15 years of age together with adults only pay for the transportation.
Please also check the When in Norway cancellation policies and liability regulations on our website.
We accept only card payments.
If you have any questions, please contact us booking@wheninnorway.no

A little history

Oslo city is surrounded by green forests. You need to take just one train ride to step into the wilderness. Local people are using public transportation to get to the most beautiful places. Usually, it doesn't take longer than 15 to 20 minutes - and you are in the heart of the green forest.
And the adventure begins! Nowadays Norwegians call subway T-bane, but in the past, we called it trikk.
On this picture you see King Olav V showing his ticket for trikken to the inspector. Do you see the skiing poles around? The King is probably on his way to gå på tur.