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We are a team of guides from all over the world with one thing in common – a passion for nature and for meeting new people.
We will take great care of you and guide you by train or bus to our starting point, and once our journey in the forest begins, we will share interesting facts about the hidden gems we visit. Our main goal is to make you happy as well as to show you the gorgeous Norwegian forest, and hopefully you will leave with wonderful memories.

Our enthusiastic guides are from Norway, Morocco, Spain, the USA and other countries. All of us live in Oslo and are very familiar with the forests around the Norwegian capital.
English, Norwegian, Arabic, French
Mustapha is a certified mountain and desert tour guide: he has been working as a guide for more than 8 years. Mustapha was born in the heart of High Atlas Mountains in the Berber family. He has run two 40 km marathons! A day without a hike is just a waste of time for him. Mustapha loves camping, cross country skiing and canoeing.‍
Back Office Manager
Miles is originally from the USA, where he fell in love with nature at an early age. Since he got a bachelors degree in Adventure Education, he has been guiding in the USA, incl. 5 years with National Geographic in Alaska. The outdoors is his happy place and whether it’s hiking, camping, ski touring, canoeing or fishing, he has a smile on his face!
Linn M
English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish
Linn is a certified Oslo Guide and holds a master's degree in Tourism Management at UiT Norwegian Arctic University. Born and raised in Bergen, but lived several years in Spain, Greece and the USA, where she has worked and studied. Linn has a long experience from the tourism and likes the best outside, all seasons!
English, Norwegian
Born and raised in Oslo, Erlend knows everything about the area! He is a certified tour guide. In his spare time Erlend loves going camping in the forests of Oslo, and spends time on his sailboat in the Oslofjord. His travel experience and sense of humor has led him to writing articles about the local neighborhood called Grünerløkka.
English, Norwegian, Italian
Cheryl is born in Connecticut, USA, but has lived in Norway for many years. She has been living in many countries in Europe and have many adventures behind her, such as living in a sailboat or bicycling all over Europe. She loves traveling, doing yoga and being outside in the nature.
English, Norwegian, German
Marita is from Haugesund. After traveling to 75 countries, she settled down in Oslo where she feeds her love for adventure through hiking in the Norwegian nature. She has a broad background in the hospitality field, from being a travel guide in Latvia and Italy to a stewardess on private yachts, and loves meeting new people and cultures.
English, Norwegian
Born and raised in Oslo. Linn lives an active life where she runs outdoors all year round, trains at a fitness center and has a black belt in taekwondo. She is very happy to show off Oslo and all the nice places the city has to offer, and is passionate about getting people active.
English, Norwegian
Tom is an experienced tour guide who lived all his life in and around Oslo - except for a couple of years in the USA and Australia. He loves the outdoor life and is both a skilled hiker and a life long skier. He also enjoys a swim in the ice cold Norwegian lakes. Join him for a fun and and adventurous hike!‍
English, Norwegian
Gitte was born and raised in Oslo. Been hiking, horseback riding and climbing since a young age, always looking for adventure and longing for time spent outside in the wilderness. She loves hiking, skiing and kayaking. Her biggest drive is to show people the magic of being outdoors in the wilderness. She is a really good troll spotter!‍
English, Norwegian, Spanish
Siv grew up loving nature in a rural area near Lillehammer, host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, but has spent most of her life in Oslo. Siv loves hiking in the forest around the city, the Norwegian mountains and along the fjords. She is a volunteer for the Norwegian Trekking Association. Siv has lived in the U.S., France, in Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.
English, Norwegian
Patricia is an instructor of many types of nature activities in Oslo, including kayak, standup-paddleboarding, bike-tours, hikes, cross-country skiing, courses about edible plants and seaweed foraging, and yoga. She also enjoys canoeing, freediving, snorkeling, wild-swimming, snowboarding, Nordic tour-skating, aerial-yoga, and has an adventure-cat Friluftskatten Fluffy who joins on many outdoor activities.
Founder & Managing Director
English, Norwegian, Spanish
Einar has been out in the forest and in the mountains since he was 10 days old. He is walking, bicycling, canoeing, tenting and cross country skiing every week, all year round, for more than 50 years. He has broad experience in living outdoors, and he loves it.

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