When in Norway is a carbon neutral company

Walking in the woods of Oslo is a very sustainable way to vacation, and thus we make an extremely small footprint on nature. We mainly use the public transportation with our guests to and from hiking routes from Oslo. All garbage (our or other's) is taken back and recycled accordingly.
We set the focus on taking care about the nature, so that the gorgeous forest could be preserved for the future generations.
Our wish is that everyone should have good experience in Norwegian nature. Today and tomorrow.

This is how we work with sustainability

The concept
The idea behind When in Norway is that everyone can enjoy outdoors with minimal impact on nature.

How we work
We try not to use paper at all and not to print anything. We don't rent an office and prefer to use coworking spaces. We support our guests online/by phone and don't print any vouchers.

Before the tour
Our guides have a flag / poster with When in Norway logo so you can recognize us when meeting. It is not very sustainable but still reusable. We printed it once and hope to reuse many times in the future years.

On the tour

We use public transportation on our tours - it is a great way to get to know a local culture, by the way! Trains in Oslo are super efficient and quick. No need to hire a private car at all. If we buy a train ticket for you, it will be in the Ruter-app (digital).

On the tour
We follow the forest paths and try to preserve the nature as it is. If we see some trash, we pick it up.

Food and drinks
If you buy lunch or drinks with us, please know that we try to work with suppliers setting focus on sustainability. That means coffee cups made of renewable materials and plastic bottles made of recycled plastic. It is still work in progress. The most sustainable solution is to bring your own thermos with coffee/water.

Preserving the nature

At When in Norway, we believe that preserving the clean and virgin forests around Oslo is crucial for the well-being of our planet and future generations.
We encourage our guides and guests to respect nature, follow Leave No Trace principles, and appreciate the beauty and importance of our forest. Let's all do our part to protect and cherish these natural wonders for years to come.