The Nordmarka Challenge!

Are you ready to experience the absolute best nature Oslo has to offer? This expertly designed full day trek is a truly unique experience that allows you to go to areas rarely seen by tourists and even many locals.
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8 hours
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Group size
1-8 people
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25 km
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Elevation loss
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Elevation gain
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Highest peak
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Spring, Summer, Autumn
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Very easy
Very experienced
  • If you are not a very experienced hiker, let us know and we will adjust the route for you.
  • Please notice, that the price is given for the whole group:
    1200 EUR for a group incl. 1-4 guests
    2280 EUR for a group incl. 5-8 guests
  • Book Founder/CEO Einar or Lead Guide Miles as Tour Guide: 240 EUR

The ultimate private nature experience for those seeking a full day out on the trail. This tour has been skillfully designed by both the founder and lead guide at When in Norway Oslo and focuses on catering to those special individuals seeking more. With the combined experience of a true lifelong local and someone who has guided around the world in places such as Alaska, Canada, the Rocky Mountains, Switzerland and more, this trip was meticulously crafted for true adventure seekers like us. Though this trip isn't for the faint of heart, if you are someone who wants to push themselves by getting deep into the wilderness and putting some serious kilometers on the trail, than the Nordmarka Challenge is the trip for you. This is a private hike, which means we can cater to all of your needs, adjusting and adapting where necessary, therefore creating a real one of a kind experience.

To make things easy for you, this tour will start at your hotel, where your guide will meet you and give you a short briefing on the day ahead. Since we are big believers in Eco-Friendly Tourism, we normally take public transportation to and from the starting and ending point of our tours. But if you prefer, we can organize private transportation for you as well! We will then head out to the beautiful Maridalen Lake north of the city where we will start our trek into Nordmarka (The Northern Forest). It's now time to leave civilization behind and head off into the untouched wilderness. Along the way we will spot for wildlife, pass beautiful lakes and rivers as we traverse through old growth forest and over hills. We will also pause every now and then to learn about local culture and the area we are in. After about 6.5 kilometers, we will come to one of the highlights of the trip and one of the most special places in all of Nordmarka. This Indiana Jones style suspension bridge is aptly named Bjørnsjøhelvete, which translates to the "Bear Lake Bridge of Hell"! What a name right?

At this point in the hike, we can see how everybody is feeling, and decide where we want to go next. Maybe cool off with a dip in Bear Lake? Maybe stop at a forest cafe for a snack and a cold drink? The options are endless and we are here to make sure you get the very best out of your experience!  Next, we continue ever deeper into the forest, exploring this unique area and taking our time to really enjoy the beauty around us.  If you are up for it, we will ascend and descend some challenging terrain, burning some more calories and getting the blood flowing.

Another highlight of this trek will be a stop at one of Norway's famous "Stuas". A stua is a cafe in the middle of the forest, often placed at the intersection of several hiking trails. We have a couple different options to choose from on this hike, but whatever we decide, you will not be disappointed! Lunch is on us and after refueling and resting our legs, it's again time to get our boots on the trail and keep moving.

We will eventually make our way down to Sognsvann Lake, one of Oslo's most popular areas for swimming and having summertime picnics by the water's edge. We will end our journey with a stroll along the well maintained path that circumnavigates the lake. From Sognsvann we can hop on the metro for a short ride back to the city center.

Join us for an unforgettable day out in the forest, exploring the enchanting Nordmarka forest.  You won't regret it!

Everything is included: private guide, water, snack, lunch, pick up and delivery at your hotel.

Photo Credits: Josh Lake / Oslo Hiking, DNT, C. Hill, Karl Andreas Kjelstrup, Svein Lamo,

What's included

English-speaking private tour guide (other languages are available by request)

Hiking tour in the best nature gems

Food and drinks: Water, snack, lunch

Pick up and delivery at your hotel

Good to know

Hiking schedule

Please check the Calendar (click the green "Book" button)

Meeting point
We will pick you up at your hotel
Trip length and distance

This tour takes about 6-8 hours including public transportation (6-7 hours walk, 45 mins transportation by bus/metro). Duration depends on the group size, speed, weather and other conditions. The walking distance is about 25 kilometers.

Payment options
You can pay with VISA/credit card in advance or with PayPal.
Children information
We would like to advise that only children who are 10 years old or older should be brought along on the tour (Please note that children will be charged the same price as adults. This is due to the nature of the tour and and the experience that will be provided to all participants, regardless of age)
Fitness level
This is a challenging hike. Above average hiking experience required. Hiking shoes or similar needed. If you are not a very experienced hiker, let us know and we will adjust the route for you.