Meet our Partners

We love collaborating with like-minded local businesses! You know what they say... Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Lysebu Historic Hotel

Lysebu, a proud partner of When in Norway, offers the perfect blend of comfort and access to some of Oslo's most breathtaking hiking trails. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a nature lover looking for a leisurely walk, the hotel's location is unbeatable. It sits at the heart of the hiking action, allowing guests to effortlessly transition from a cozy bed to picturesque trails.

Mad Goats AS

A proud partner of When in Norway, Mad Goats offers the premier kayaking, packrafting and floating sauna experiences in Oslo. Established in 2015, Mad Goat’s mission is to provide you with a joyful experience on the water.

Grand Hotel Oslo

The Grand Hotel, is a proud partner of When in Norway. There is something magical about taking a break from every day life and spending a night at an iconic and historical hotel such as the Grand Hotel in Oslo. Not only is it a perfect location for all of your city centered activities, it's also just a short walk from the starting point of all Oslo Hiking group tours. We are also looking forward to providing teambuilding packages for corporate events and conferences happening at the hotel.

The Fjords

The Fjords is another proud partner of When in Norway. Together we have created a package trip that allows guests to view the beautiful Oslofjord from high above the city on our extremely popular View of the Oslofjord Hike, and then from the water by embarking on a 1.5 cruise  on a fully electric ship dubbed the Legacy of the Fjords. The perfect match for those seeking to combine two of Oslo's top activities in one day.
Kayak is another proud partner of When in Norway. Click the link and you will find us featured on their Oslo City Guide.