Linn Monsen
Board member
Linn is a certified Oslo Guide and holds a master's degree in Tourism Management at UiT Norwegian Arctic University. Born in Bergen, worked and studied several years in Spain, Greece and the USA. She has a long experience in tourism industry and Bachelor in administration.
Henning Hexeberg
Board member
Henning has background in brand building within the sports, apparel and footwear industry. He has worked as distributor for Timberland in The Nordics for 25 years. Henning has been on many outdoor expeditions like Mount McKinley, Kilimanjaro, Queen Maud land in Antartica.
Christine Lemme
Board member
Christine has broad managerial experience within various industries, mainly retail and food. Education and expertise in business development. She has broad experience in advising various companies in various development phases.
Hedda Rivelsrud
Board member
Hedda is one of the founders behind the brand WORKIS, which makes tailor-made uniforms. She is also one of the founders behind the successful brand WoolLand. She has worked in several large companies with brand building. With 4 children, Hedda is passionate about an active outdoor life with her family in her spare time.
Samuel Bigirimana
Board member
Samuel is a young and committed man who now works as PT and studies public administration. He has previous entrepreneurial experience, speaks 4 languages and loves the outdoors. His driving force is movement is good for us all, regardless of form.‍
Einar Tønnessen
Einar is the founder of Oslo Hiking AS. He has more than 20 years of experience from Norwegian and international business, where he has held various management positions and positions of trust.‍