OSLO: 3-day cabin tour: Experience the heart of Oslomarka!

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56 hours
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Group size
5-10 people
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24 km
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Very easy
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Join us on a 3-day trip to the heart of Norwegian forest - Oslomarka. During the trip, you will discover magical places that tourists almost never visit.

You get to taste local food and drinks. We wander to hidden unknown gems. We will go canoeing, we will cross a canyon over an Indiana Jones bridge - so be ready for a real adventure! Every day you will end up at a cozy cabin where you will be served delicious local food and warm soft beds that have been prepared for you.

We will take care of your luggage so there is no need to carry anything. The only thing you need to bring on the day hikes is water and some provision. This is an all-inclusive tour.


We will meet in the center of Oslo, check the equipment, and get to know each other. Then we will take public transport to a charming country store in the valley Sørkedalen.
There we are met by a local experts who tell us a little about the place and serve us a delicious lunch made of local Norwegian ingredients grown with love on the nearby farms. After lunch your luggage will be transported to the cabin Kobberhaughytta where we will spend the night. And we meanwhile start the hike into the forest (Oslomarka). On our trip we pass deep gorges, small Norwegian farms, charming lakes, and if we are lucky, we will hear all the sounds of the Norwegian forest  -  animals, birds, wind, and creaking trees.

After 5 kilometers we arrive at Kobberhaughytta. Here, the host awaits us with made-up beds, a hot meal, and opportunities for pleasant activities throughout the evening.

You can sit around the fire, play games, paddle in a canoe, or go for an evening walk to the top of hill Kobberhaugen to catch the sunset views.


In the morning we wake up refreshed and are served breakfast -  fried eggs, rolls, fresh orange juice - all made from local ingredients.
We pack lunch or matpakke (here is another tradition you will know about), and while the luggage is transported to the next place, we set off deeper into the forest on today's hike.

This is a day where we discover beautiful swamps, narrow forests, streams, and small lakes. You will get a chance to swim along the way! The temperature is about 20-21 degrees Celsius.

We arrive at the cabin Kikutstua in the afternoon and have the possibility to buy additional lunch (to the matpakke). Kikutstua really is the heart of Oslomarka! This is a very traditional and charming cottage that is right next to a magnificent forest lake, and at the foot of the incredibly exciting hill Kikuttoppen.

After lunch there will hopefully be canoes available to paddle for yourself on lake Bjørnsjøen. This is a large and magnificent lake with many paddling opportunities. There will also be opportunities for a hike up Kikuttoppen with an expert guide, or you can enjoy the sun, the grass, the summer, and the forest by spending the afternoon at Kikutstua cottage.
In the evening we will be served a 3-course dinner of local produce, prepared by our kind and friendly local host Susanne & Einar.

After dinner we enjoy ourselves with a fireplace, games and everything that belongs to the cabin life! In Norway we call it hygge!


After a good night sleep we wake up refreshed and are served breakfast with fried eggs, rolls, fresh orange juice and various local ingredients.

If the canoes are available we will use them as our transport down to a charming farm called Bjørnholt. Before the trip we have a short introduction course to paddling, and we are all secured with life jackets. The paddling trip lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes down to Bjørnholt.

There we leave the canoes and will treat ourselves with well-deserved  coffee and cakes. Luggage will also be available here if needed.
After the break, we will start the exciting trip along the river “Bjørnsjøelva”. This is a deep and notorious river from old times. After a while we arrive at the Indiana Jones bridge over Bjørnsjøhelvete (The hell of lake Bjorn). This is a spectacular bridge not everyone dares to step on!

For a moment, you'll think you're deep in the Amazon jungle! Lots of pictures are taken here! Most of the tourists will never get here and only a few locals know about this place - hidden in the woods.

When we have passed the bridge, we continue in the direction of hill Kamphaug before turning down to lake Skjærsjøen.
Here we meet our luggage again, and enjoy a ready-made forest lunch.

After lunch, we stroll the last kilometers down to Hammern in the valley Maridalen. Our luggage and transport back to central Oslo await here.

This is an all-inclusive tour that includes:

  • 2 expert tour leaders throughout the tour with a lot of experience.
  • Transport of your luggage throughout the trip.
  • Ticket for public transport
  • Lunch at Sørkedalen landhandel day 1
  • Dinner, breakfast, packed lunch, and overnight stay at Kobberhaughytta
  • Lunch, dinner, breakfast, packed lunch, and overnight stay at Kikutstua

Adventures included:

  • Canoe and life jacket to Bjørnholt
  • Coffee break and forest lunch on day 3
  • Private transport to central Oslo after the tour

The tour does not include the rental or purchase of tour equipment. We can help you with this for an additional fee.

If you have any luggage that you are not bringing with you on the hike, we can take safe care of it without any additional cost.

Additional information

Hiking schedule

Please check the Calendar (click the green "Book" button)

Starting point
All our hikes start outside Oslo Visitor Centre, next to the tiger, in central Oslo.
Trip length and distance

This is a 3-day adventure tour. The total distance of the tour is 5 km (first day)/ 6 km (second day)/ 13 km (third day)

Payment options
You can pay with VISA/credit card in advance.
Children information
We would like to advise that only children who are 10 years old or older should be brought along on the tour (Please note that children will be charged the same price as adults. This is due to the nature of the tour and and the experience that will be provided to all participants, regardless of age)
Required experience
This is a challenging hike. Above average hiking experience required. Proper waterproof hiking shoes needed. We will interview all the participants in front. To make sure you are all fit for this hike, and to get to know everyone in front. We need to know who we bring on this hike deep into the forest.