Looking for ideas for an autumn inspiration? Here are some tips on how to take the most from the autumn trip to Oslo.

Autumn in Oslo is one of the most delightful times of the year: leaves change colours to shades of orange, red, and yellow and the air gets clear and crispy.

Tip # 1 Enjoy the change of season

Go on a hike to enjoy the change of seasons in the mountains or forests! It is the easiest way to see the nature in all its beauty. Check the weather forecast in advance, wear warm socks and take a warm cacao on a tour. Or not - our guides can help you with that :)

We recommend choosing one of the following hikes - all of them go through beautiful forests and allow you to have a panoraic view to Oslofjord and the sea of trees surrounding Oslo: Holmenkollen walk or View of the Oslofjord tour. If you seek for longer hiking adventures, then try Skjennungstoppen tour - available until November.

Tip # 2 Feel "hygge" vibes

Let it feel like an autumn! Warm up with a cup of cacao in one of the city cafés on Carl Johan of Frogner. Don't forget to try fresh pastry - nothing tasted better than a kanelbolle (cinnamon roll) and hot latte or cacao after a walk in the city.

Tip # 3 Stroll along the Lysaker river

Stroll along the Lysaker river. Easy hike yet so beautiful! You will see small waterfalls and picturesque bridges while hiking the path along Lysaker river. This river is dividing Oslo and Bærum municipality and has many hidden gems to offer.

Tip # 4 Campfire with a view

If you visit Oslo in autumn, must-do is to warm up by the fire by the lake and learn how to do a campfire as locals do! Join our recently launched tour - a lake walk followed by a campfire on the shore. You will try some Norwegian food, grill sausages and cozy up by the fire - we promise interesting discussions and a lot of "hygge"!

Tip # 5 Wooden fairy-tale

Visit fairy-tale streets of Damstredet and Telthusbakken - right outside the central Oslo. Some of these cute houses are two hundred years old. Check out Mathallen foodmarket and Vulkan area afterwards - perfect way to spend the autumn afternoon.

Tip # 6 Explore traditional seasonal dishes

If you travel to Oslo in autumn, you should try local food. We recommend you try Norwegian seasonal dishes such as fårikål, lobster (yes, lobster season lasts from October to Christmas) and pies - with apples, berries, pear... Yummy!