Welcome to the Norwegian forest: green, serene, untouched, mysterious and full of wildlife and Viking legends.

Did you know, that Oslo mostly consists of forests? People call it Oslomarka - everyone can go on a hike in the recreational forest area and enjoy its secluded beauty.

Nature around Oslo is super accessible: just 20 minutes by train and you are about to discover the wild untouched forest of Oslomarka! Easy accessible and so close to civilization, it still retains a lot of wilderness which makes Oslo forest so unique. Much loved by locals, the forest area is also home to the lake Maridalsvannet, it is one one of Oslo’s main drinking water reserves.

Through the whole forest there are running literally hundreds of hiking trails - plain and steep, easy and challenging, but all safe and well maintained. In summer Oslo forest is full of blueberries, lush green moss, wild flowers and bird singing. Oslomarka is home to different species such as deer, fox, lynx, wolf, and of course the king of Norwegian forest - moose.

People living in Oslo have a strong connection to the nature and forest. In fairy tail and legends, the forest hides mysteries and supernatural beings.

Although the Oslo forest is serene and secluded, it lies just behind the corner of the Norwegian capital. You don't even need a car to get there. Hiking in Oslo forest is a great way to travel in a sustainable way, enjoying the gorgeous nature and stunning views from the green hills above the city.

For a taste of Oslomarka, join one of our group or private hikes.

The best nature hikes can be found throughout all Oslomarka forest. One of the most amazing views over the ciis definitely can be found on Vettakollen top.

According to official government statistics, Oslo residents are Norway’s healthiest people! Another fun fact is that Oslo's geographical center lies in the forest. In one of most beautiful and intense forest hikes we will take you there.