Wonder how to beat the summer heat in Oslo? Here are a few easy tips for you:  Embrace nature's cooling haven: let's beat the summer heat with Oslo's tours and activities

When summer arrives and the sun blazes overhead, finding a way to escape the heat becomes essential. Luckily, our vibrant city offers a variety of tours and activities that not only showcase its stunning natural landscape but also provide an opportunity to refresh and spend summer days in Oslo on its best! If you're looking for interesting things to do in Oslo in summer days, at the same time as exploring the beauty of Oslo's nature, here are some local things to consider:

Hiking Tours in Oslomarka

Hiking in Oslo is an essential thing to do in summer. On a guided hiking tour in Oslomarka you will be able to explore the pristine wilderness surrounding Oslo. And there is something to see! Nordic nature is stunning in summer months. Choose from a range of trails like the Lysaker Wild River Walk, View of the Oslofjord Hike, or Wildlife Forest Hike in Nordmarka for more experienced hikers. As you venture into the shade of the dense forest, you'll be shielded from the heat while discovering best views and the wonders of Oslo nature.

Private Nature Tours

For a more personalized experience, opt for private tours in Oslo's nature. We can tailor-made the tour to your interests and needs, and our knowledgeable guide can curate the tour to your pacing, ensuring that you uncover the hidden gems of Oslo's natural wonders while staying comfortable and cool.

Swimming in the fjord or lake

For the ultimate escape from the summer heat, take a dip in Oslo's pristine lakes and rivers! Some hiking trails lead to picturesque swimming spots, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in the cool waters right in the middle of scandinavian nature. Sognsvann lake is one of the most popular and easy-to-reach spots for swimming, along with Oslofjord (check out the peaceful beaches of Bygdøy, Operastranda beach next to the famous Munch museum, or urban summer hangout Sørenga Sjøbad).

Picnic by the lake

Combine the joy of an easy hike through the green forest with a refreshing picnic by the Oslofjord - or mybe a lake shore? Many hiking trails in Oslomarka will lead to some nature gems, where you can relax and enjoy a meal made of local ingredients. Take your time, enjoy the surrounding views and try freshly made lunch.
By the way, we have a perfect tour ready to book - Lake walk with campfire (or it may be just a picnic).

Kayaking adventure

Another opportunity for active tours in Oslo is to cool off with a kayaking adventure on the Oslofjord or one of the city's serene lakes. Imagine gliding through the crisp waters and embrace the cooling splashes as you explore the fjord from a different perspective... Let us know if you are looking for a kayak adventure!

Explore Oslo's parks and gardens

In addition to tours, Oslo's parks and gardens provide a serene oasis away from the heat. We recommend visiting and spending some time in places like Vigeland Park or the Botanical Garden. These green havens offer ample shade for leisurely walks and moments of relaxation - exactly what we all need after you spent the whole day in the bustling summer city.

Visit museums and indoor attractions

On particularly hot summer days, consider exploring Oslo's fascinating museums and indoor attractions. Museums such as the Viking Ship Museum, Munch Museum, and the Norwegian Folk Museum provide immersive experiences that allow you to learn more about the city's rich cultural heritage while staying cool indoors.

Remember to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen, and wear appropriate clothing during your outdoor adventures. With the perfect blend of hiking tours, kayaking, picnics, swimming, and cultural explorations, you can make the most of your summer in Oslo while staying refreshed and beating the summer heat in style.