One of the ways to explore Oslo city is to look at it from a bird’s eye view. That's how you will be able to see not only its modern architecture and historical past of the city, but also will enjoy the panoramic view over the fjord, green picturesque forests and the horizon where the skies meet the cold and salty nordic sea.

In this article we will tell you where to find the best viewpoints in the Norwegian capital. Enjoy the best views in Oslo and make memorable shots!


Vettakollen offers one of the best views to Oslo indeed. Unlike city visitors and many locals we will not climb to the top of the mountain and then get back the same way. There are hundred of trails in the forest, and we have have selected best of them and created a special route which you will love.

It calls View of the Oslofjord walk - we will stroll through the lush and mystical forest where you will enjoy vibrant nature, fresh air and bird singing, along small lakes and hidden trails to the panoramic viewpoint in the end.

The view on the top is breathtaking - you will unique perspective of the city's harbor and surrounding hills.
Tips: pack sandwiches or lightweight, high-energy snacks in case you want to grab a bite. Or we can assist you with food and drinks - you can choose meal options when making a booking.


This is a part of the Vettakollen hike, which we just mentioned. This stunning architectural marvel was created by a famous Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and is actually a cabin where traveler can stay overnight.

No need to say that because of the panoramic windows with fantastic views and comfy location so close to Oslo the cabin (or "hytte" as we call it in Norwegian") is extremely popular and booked for many months in advance.


Another terrific view over Oslo and the Oslofjord. Even more breathtaking if you dare to go to the top of the famous ski jump tower - from the observation deck at the top of the tower you will see landmarks such as the Oslo Opera House, the Akershus Fortress, and the Oslofjord.

Hiking trails around Holmenkollen offer a chance to explore the area's natural beauty up close, with stunning views of forests, lakes, and mountains.

Don't forget to check up the photogenic Holmenkollen Chapel and take some pictures of the ski jump from the side, which is a remarkable construction itself. We will guide you through the most interesting spots in this area during the private Holmenkollen walk.


You will visit Grefsenkollen in one of our hikes - Lillomarka forest tour. This hill is a popular spot for locals to take in the picturesque skyline of Oslo and the Oslofjord.

Don't forget to order waffles with brunust (Norwegian brown cheese) and jam in the restaurant on the top - this is one of the best Norwegian experiences 😋 Together with lovely views it will make the tour unforgettable.

Ekeberg Park

Stroll among the sculptures on Ekeberg hill and find you favorite one while enjoying the views. Don't forget to find the Munch spot - the exact place Edward Munch showed on his famous painting The Scream. After the walk you can have a lunch or dinner in the Ekeberg restaurant. One of the things that make this location worth visit is that Ekeberg Park viewpoint looks over downtown Oslo from the east side.