KRISTIANSAND: The park of King Christian IV of Denmark

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2 hours
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2-10 people
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4 km
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Just outside the centre of Kristiansand there is a lovely area perfect for walking in the forest, swimming, recreation and enjoying nature.

The area (among the locals called Baneheia) was given to the city's population in 1641 by King Christian IV of Denmark. Our tour starts outside Kristiansand Tourist Information (located in Kristiansand’s Town Hall). From there we wander through quiet streets before arriving at the entrance to the park. After a slightly steep climb of 200 metres, we reach the first attraction: A lovely vantage point over the whole city. The name is Drageknatten, which means the dragon knob. Lots of pictures are taken here!

After a short break, we move into the forest and walk on lovely roads, and small narrow paths, among all the wonderful small lakes located in the park. We meet a rich birdlife, and if we are lucky, we can also meet a deer. If the weather is good and the summer is hot, there are guaranteed to be lots of happy children swimming, playing, and enjoying the summer here! We continue our walk, and encounter exciting stairs up into the rock, beautiful marshes, and blueberries. Tons of blueberries!

At the lake 3. Stampe, we will of course take a short break with snacks and refreshments. This is also a favourite photo motif among nature lovers! After the break, we set course in the direction of The Big Rock, over the mighty dam at the lake 2. Stampe, and further down the hill to the town.

Our hike ends in the same place we started, outside the Town Hall in the city centre of Kristiansand.

Travelling is all about sharing experiences, so why not go on hike together with friends or family, and book one of our tours as a larger group? We will be delighted to offer you a group discount:

  • Small groups of 5 can save 10% per person
  • Groups of 10 can save 20% per person
  • Group discounts will be applied against the base price of the tour

(Children under 15 years of age together with adults do not have to pay)

What we recommend for our guided walks in Kristiansand:

  • It is recommended that participants bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes, sneakers or similar.
  • We recommend using sunblock and protection against mosquitos.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding our hikes in Kristiansand.

Would you like to make this tour private?

Click here to book a private Park of King Christian tour in Kristiansand. The price is given for the whole group:

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Additional information

Hiking schedule

Please check the Calendar (click the green "Book" button)

Starting point
Our tour starts outside Kristiansand Tourist Information (located in Kristiansand’s Town Hall).
Trip length and distance

This tour takes about 2-2.5 hours. The walking distance is 4 kilometers.

Payment options
You can pay with VISA/credit card in advance or with PayPal.
Children information
Children below 15 years of age together with an adult do not pay anything.
Required experience
Reasonable standard of fitness required. Hiking shoes or similar needed