Do you want experiences you rarely get in a capital city?
Do you love nature and unique moments?

Then we recommend you take a closer look at our guided walks in Oslomarka!

Activities in deep forests are quite unique for a big city. Here in Oslo you are surrounded by forest and we know exactly where to go to find idyllic places you only thought existed on postcards and TV. Imagine untouched forests, stunning views of Oslo fjord, fresh water lakes. Hiking in Oslo is an easy and fun way to enjoy Norwegian nature. Just put on your walking shoes and join our guided tours!

We offer these guided walks

  • Short walks
  • Half day hikes
  • Full day hikes
  • City center park walks
  • Tailor made day hikes
  • Tailor made city walks

All our guided walks start next to the tiger statue in front of the Oslo Visitor Centre at Jernbanetorget, in central Oslo. Most buses, subways, trams and trains stops at Jernbanetorget.

The tours are carried out together with experienced tour guides with very good local knowledge in Oslomarka. We know exactly where to go to create the good experiences.

Our tour guides come from all continents, but they have a common rooted passion for forests and nature. It is no coincidence that they chose to settle down in Oslo as the city is close to fantastic nature, no matter which direction you choose to set foot.

Oslo Hiking are perfect for those of you who want to experience unique things when you first visit Oslo - we make sure to guide you and your loved ones to places that are guaranteed to be remembered for a lifetime.

What we recommend for our guided walks

  • It is recommended that participants bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes or similar. 
  • You should also wear trekking trousers on the tours longer than 4 hours. 
  • On longer trips you should bring something to eat - for example, chocolate, nuts or sandwiches. 
  • We recommend to use sunblock and protection against mosquitos. 
  • Remember that the trails might be wet because of rain.

Contact us for more information if you want unique experiences in Oslo!