Many people associate Oslo with the sights the city center itself has to offer. What many tourists forget is that Oslo is one of the few capitals in the world with close access to fantastic nature.

Imagine untouched forests, stunning views of Oslo fjord, fresh water lakes... Hiking in Oslo is an easy and fun way to enjoy Norwegian nature. Just put on your walking shoes and join our guided tours!

For us at Oslo Hiking, we have a common passion for nature, but we also like to meet new people who want different sightseeing in Oslo. We can guarantee you great memories and experiences from our sightseeing. You will learn a lot about Oslomarka and its interesting history.

Our tour guides lives in Oslo and have a high knowledge of the forests around Oslo.

What should you bring on sightseeing in Oslomarka?

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the occasion. It can also be smart to bring food on our trips. Sunscreen and mosquito protection are necessary in some seasons when hiking in Oslomarka.

Safety is important for sightseeing in the forest

Sightseeing in the forest requires more attention than regular sightseeing. Our tour guides have extensive experience and focus on safety along the way. Luckely its not dangerous animals in the forest of Oslo, and we only take you to safe and adventurous places.

We welcome you to contact us at Oslo Hiking for more information about our sightseeing in Oslo!