Guided walking tours is perfect for those of you who want to see Oslo's hidden gems in nature. In Oslomarka you will be able to unfold for miles with idyllic forest, fantastic postcard landscapes and unforgettable memories for life.

With Oslo Hiking you will be able to enjoy several guided walks that not even the residents of Oslo have seen or experienced. We have a passion for nature and meeting new people who want different experiences. We share our local knowledge with you who want to see what Norwegian forests can offer.

We offer these guided walks

  • Short walks
  • Half day hikes
  • Full day hikes
  • City center park walks
  • Tailor made day hikes
  • Tailor made city walks

All our guided walking tours start next to the tiger statue in front of the Oslo Visitor Centre at Jernbanetorget, in central Oslo. Most buses, subways, trams and trains stops at Jernbanetorget.

We can also adapt our walks to your wishes.

Get prepared for an idyllic trip, and be sure to bring comfortable shoes and the right clothing for the change of weather. We recommend bringing food and water for longer walking tours.

Guided hiking group tours – schedule

Here you will find the hiking schedule for group tours in 2022. Pick up a suitable date and feel free to join us anytime! Give us a call if you are not sure which tour in Oslo to choose, and we will be happy to help you to pick the best experience according to your needs.

What we recommend for our guided walking tours

  • It is recommended that participants bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes or similar. 
  • On longer trips you should bring something to eat - for example, chocolate, nuts or sandwiches. 
  • We recommend to use sunblock and protection against mosquitos. 
  • Remember that the trails might be wet because of rain.

Do you want to see Oslo in a different way?
Do not hesitate to contact Oslo Hiking!