Oslo Hiking had a pleasure of hosting a tailor-made event for Norwegian influencers in September.

It was a very special request and we were working thoughtfully on making the idea into the reality! 😊

Our guide met the guests in the city center. First the group went on a tour through the woods along a narrow forest path. When guests arrived at the top they saw the camp our team has prepared - with three campfire pans over the fire and a cozy sitting area covered with warm sheepskin and decorated with candles and lanterns.

For the camp we chose the top of Grefsenkollen hill with the best view over the city and the fjord - a secret spot in the forest not known to tourists - perfect for such occasion! Our expert guides chose and explored the route well in advance.

Then everyone was cooking delicious bacalao outdoors with Mutti products under the sensitive guidance of outdoor expert Une Oksvold.

And finally, the group tried the bacalao, while enjoying the scenery and good company!

Thanks to all the participants and especially RELATED for choosing us and for this great day!

If you have a special request and need a tailor-made tour or even tin Oslo and Oslomarka, let us know - we are always here to help.