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The Krokskogen Adventure

General good health necessary. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
Generell god helse er nødvendig. Tursko eller lignende trengs.
Reasonable standard of fitness required. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
Generelt god fysisk form nødvendig. Tursko eller lignende kreves.
Some hiking experience required. Backpack with food and water, hiking shoes or similar required.
Middels trente turgåere med god fysisk form nødvendig. Gode turklær og tursko kreves.
General hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.
Generell turopplevelse påkrevd. Ryggsekk med mat, vann og tursko kreves.
Above average hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.
Over gjennomsnittet turopplevelse kreves. Ryggsekk med mat, vann og tursko kreves.
Level of difficulty
Duration / Length
Varighet / Lengde

The Krokskogen adventure is the classic long trip through a wild and gorgeous part of Oslomarka. Here you will see a protected natural preserve with untouched nature, high peaks and mysterious lakes.

And not least, experience the good feeling of being under the stars at night, and feeling the very special atmosphere of the forest. The area is home to stories and legends and the sorceress Gygri (some people think she is still there, in the mountainside). Krokskogen is a part of the cultural heritage and is often mentioned in the Norwegian sagas.

What is included in the price:

  • All the transportation from Oslo and back
  • Experienced local guide
  • Local delicious food (we will cook together)
  • Equipment: backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent

What you need to bring: hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, special equipment if needed.

❗️ Please notice: We accept deposit payments for this tour. No need to pay the full price right now 🙂 Check payment options under the Calender.


The tour starts at Jernbanetorget in the center of Oslo, where we take our own transport up to Mørkgonga natural preserve. Mørkgonga has a very special geography and plant life. Millions of years ago, a huge but narrow gorge was formed in the landscape right here! It's a steep and hectic start to the trip, but when we're up, you will understand why it is really worth it! It is a very dramatic and instagram-friendly place, and it is located so close to Oslo. At the top of the ravine you see far, far beyond the Steinsfjord and Ringerike. The world's only intact Viking helmet is found at Ringerike. You will know more about Viking history in this area.

We then move into area of Krokskogen with all its peaks and quiet waters. The beginning of this hiking tour is full of the beautiful highlights: next we will reach a beautiful pond called Migartjern. And then to Gyrihaugen with its impressive views. Here we will have a long lunch, enjoying the magnificent Norwegian landscapes and fresh air. Then we hike down to Løvlia where we pick up our bags, food and tent equipment. The walk to the shores of lake Nibbitjern takes approximately twenty minutes. Here, in the heart of nature, we camp for the first night. Imagine a small island in the Norwegian forest, far away from the city. There are no cars and city lights here, only forest birds voices and fresh air. The dinner will be prepared from fresh local food. As we fall asleep, we may hear the sound of owls, wild birds, foxes, deer and moose.


We start day two with a morning bath in the lake (optional), fresh coffee and a nutritious breakfast. We walk down to Nordre Heggelivann, and then further towards Oppkuvvann and Oppkuven. At Oppkuven stands one of Norway's oldest trees, "Gamla på Oppkuven", which is 474 years old! Sadly dead, but still standing.

We continue down to Midtre Lysedammen and camp for the night. For those who wish, we offer an evening trip to the remains of the aircraft wreck and memorial for the plane crash during World War II on May 10, 1945.


This day will again start with the opportunity for a morning bath, fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast before hiking down to scenic Sørkedalen valley and taking public transporation back to Jernbanetorget in downtown Oslo.

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Hiking schedule

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Trip length and distance
Turlengde og distanse

This tour takes around 52 hours including transportation. The walking distance is 24 kilometers.

Payment options
You can pay with VISA/credit card in advance or with PayPal.
Children information
Informasjon om barn
Minimum age for children: 5 years.
Required experience
Nødvendig erfaring
You have to be an experienced hiker to participate. Above average hiking experience required.
Stroller and wheelchair friendly


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Anders Blesvik Gandrud, Erik Unneberg
First Aid Kit

All Oslo Hiking guides bring first aid kit on all tours.
All the guides have done first aid training.
Two of our guides, Trygve and Jon, are educated and work as nurses.
The CEO of Oslo Hiking AS leads First Aid Course for Red Cross volunteers.