Best of Bygdøy Tour with Kayaking

General good health necessary. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
Generell god helse er nødvendig. Tursko eller lignende trengs.
Reasonable standard of fitness required. Hiking shoes or similar needed.
Generelt god fysisk form nødvendig. Tursko eller lignende kreves.
Some hiking experience required. Backpack with food and water, hiking shoes or similar required.
Middels trente turgåere med god fysisk form nødvendig. Gode turklær og tursko kreves.
General hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.
Generell turopplevelse påkrevd. Ryggsekk med mat, vann og tursko kreves.
Above average hiking experience required. Backpack with food, water, and hiking shoes required.
Over gjennomsnittet turopplevelse kreves. Ryggsekk med mat, vann og tursko kreves.
Level of difficulty
Duration / Length
Varighet / Lengde

Explore the scenic Bygdøy and its charming nature! After a slow relaxed hike through the green forests and meadows you will be able to experience the beauty of the fjord by kayaking along its waters.

We meet at Jernbanetorget in the center of Oslo. There we take public communication through Kvadraturen, Stortinget, along Karl Johans gate past the National Theater. We pass along the Queen's Park, the former US embassy, before driving along the chestnut lined Bygdøy Allé.

Once we arrive in Bygdøy we will immediately find ourselves in the midst of a beautiful green nature. Narrow trails, slightly hilly, the smell of the sea, fresh salty air and forest scent in one breath! We look over to the Kiel ferry, and up to the royal palace Oscarshall which is owned by the Norwegian royal family. We walk on through the beautiful forests where the King's cows graze freely.

The trail leads us to Kongsgården, this magnificent farm where there is great festivity every spring when the King's cows are released on pasture. We leave Kongsgården and follow the path down to a nice beach. If the weather is fine, we can take a break and a swim, or maybe just relax on the sandy beach with your toes in the water. Bestumkilen is the final step in our nature hike through Bygdøy's lush green woods. The walk is around 2 kilometers and takes around 2 hours.

Here we are greeted by good friends from the Oslo Kayak Tours, and our adventure continues in peaceful paddling on the Oslo Fjord. There you can experience Oslo from another beautiful side - the seaside- and you can't get closer to the nature! During a 2- hour trip you can get not only a short introduction to kayaking, we will also show you some highlights of the city and its surrounding nature.  At our base in the sheltered marina you will receive the equipment best suited to you and we will take you through safety instructions and basic techniques before we head out from our privat beach on the water of the Oslofjord. From here it is only a short way to small islands and nice sandy beaches. The guides will share information on sights like the picturesque marina with its house boats and other special vessels, the modern architecture on Fornebu and the beaches along the coast of the peninsula Bygdøy.

Kayak experience is not necessary, we adapt our tours to our guests. We use single and double kayaks and will provide you with the boat that fits you and your abilities best. The tour ends at Bestumkilen.

Travelling is all about sharing experiences, so why not go on hike together with friends or family, and book one of our tours as a larger group? We will be delighted to offer you a group discount:

  • Small groups of 5-10 can save 5% per person
  • Groups of 10+ can save 10% per person
  • Group discounts will be applied against the base price of the tour

Please be aware that there is a minimum of 3 guests on this tour.

Participants have to be able to swim.

We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and please bring a dry shift of clothes, in case you are going to swim.

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Additional information


Hiking schedule

Please check the Calendar above. We recommend all participants to arrive 10 minutes before the tour starts.

Vennligst sjekk kalenderen over. Vi anbefaler alle deltakere å ankomme 10 minutter før turen starter.

Trip length and distance
Turlengde og distanse

This tour takes about 4 hours including public transportation (2 hours of Nature Walk + 2 hour Kayak Tour). The walking distance is 4 kilometers.

Payment options
You can pay with VISA/credit card in advance or with PayPal. Please notice that standard tour price does not include public transport ticket. You should purchase your ticket separately.
Children information
Informasjon om barn
Children below 13 years of age pay reduced price. Minimum age for children: 6 years.
Required experience
Nødvendig erfaring
General good health necessary. No special hiking or kayaking experience is required. We are here to teach you!
Stroller and wheelchair friendly


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First Aid Kit

All Oslo Hiking guides bring first aid kit on all tours.
All the guides have done first aid training.
Two of our guides, Trygve and Jon, are educated and work as nurses.
The CEO of Oslo Hiking AS leads First Aid Course for Red Cross volunteers.