Expert guided trips in Oslo

Guided nature walks in Oslo and Norway - for those who just want to relax and enjoy nature

All our tours start from the city center and are easy to hike. Our experienced guide will lead you through the forest to the most breathtaking views of the Oslo fjord, the mountains in Bergen or Kristiansand. We will enjoy fresh air, waterfalls and rivers, lakes and unique nature. We can arrange easy but beautiful group and private hiking/walking  tours in Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand with a local guide, from short ones to full-day hikes.

Nature is all around Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand - every day, the whole year. We invite everybody to spend some time outdoors and enjoy serene nature, green forest, bird singing and forest berries. Slow travel is a best way to get acquainted to Norwegian forest.

Come join us for a few hours of relaxation and exploration, and let us show you the beauty of Oslo!