Tours, adventures and multi-day hikes in Oslo and Norway for experienced hikers

For whose who want to be challenged by nature

Ready for a real adventure? Here they are - our best offers for experienced adventurers and sport enthusiasts. Discover the most beautiful hidden gems in Oslo rarely seen by tourists! We will show you stunning waterfalls and narrow gorges where sun shines at the thousand years old mysterious rocks. Experience raw and spectacular scenery - with Oslo Hiking.

We will wander through protected natural preserves, see untouched nature, high peaks and small forest lakes where magic creatures live. You will know more about Viking history, Norwegian folktales and hear stories about the trolls, as well as see rich wildlife.

In the heart of nature

In summer the nights are short and it barely gets dark - it is a great time to go on a multi-day hike and spent the night in a Norwegian cabin hytte or in a tent. The long and light Nordic day (and nights) provides a unique backdrop to outdoor experiences in Norway and Oslo. Most enthusiastic sport and adrenaline lovers can challenge themselves in kayaking, canyoning or other activities. A lot of emotions and fun guaranteed!